Epoxy Screeds

Epoxy Screeds are commonly used in heavy industries because of  its high strength  & impact resistance

With Excellent Adhesion to Concrete high abrasion resistant  seamless  low maintenance  costs  a three component mix trowel applied  @ 3-6 mm suitable for both interior and exterior  Excellent for patch and pot hole repairs


Typical uses of Epoxy Screeds are;

  • They are used to resurface gangways, oftentimes with concrete
  •  Production areas with a lot of traffic as they are highly durable in comparison to the various alternatives
  •  Chemical plants surfaces due to their excellent chemical resistance
  •  Water treatment facilities primarily due to their low-odor qualities as well as their other advantages
  •  Breweries and pub cellar floors due to their hygienic qualities coupled with low cost
  •  Engineering shops, steel work facilities, for their many advantages compared to possible alternatives.
  •  Electro plate workshops due to the wide array of advantages they bring
  •  Machine shops and mechanical garages as a result of high-durability and non-slip qualities


Advantages of Epoxy Screeds

  • Epoxy screeds products of this nature are highly durable, which is why they are used in heavily trafficked areas. They can withstand wear and tear better than other flooring products.
  • Epoxy screeds are non-slip. This is what makes them popular within industries where the use of water is prevalent like water treatment plants.
  • Epoxy screeds are high strength. The strength of Epoxy screeds  is what makes them quite handy in places, which have a lot of heavy machinery that can exert heavy pressure on floors like machine shops.
  • Epoxy screeds have great resistance to chemicals, meaning that they can be used within chemical plants without being corroded.
  • Epoxy screeds are easy to lay and maintain. This means that you can have them installed within a short time, and maintain them at a very low cost to your business.
  • Epoxy screeds are non-porous, which means that they do not let fluids get within the underlying surface to cause damage. The lack of porosity enables Epoxy screeds  to enhance hygienic levels.
  • Epoxy screeds are also available in a wide range of colours


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