Cementitious Pump Screeds

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Cementitious Pump Screeds

Cementitious Pump Screeds - Examples of Cementitious Pump Screeding

Pumpable self-smoothing screed – screed that is mixed to a fluid consistency, that can be transported by a pump to the area where it is to be laid and which will flow sufficiently (with or without some agitation of the wet material) to give the required accuracy of a level and surface regularity.
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Pumpable flowing screeds can achieve high quality and consistent level finishes. Most Cementitious Pump Screeds are anhydrite compounds and are based on a calcium sulphate binder. These screeds are quicker to apply than a traditional sand and cement screed and may be applied to a minimum thickness of 25mm if bonded, 30mm if unbonded, or 35mm if a floating finish is required. They can also be used together with underfloor heating systems where a minimum 30mm cover to the pipes is needed. Up to 2,000m²/day may be laid using these screeds.

The major benefits over a traditional sand cement screed is that of the speed of installation and the ability to cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

Typical uses of Cementitious pump screeds are;

  • They are used to resurface gangways, oftentimes with concrete
  • Production areas with a lot of traffic as they are highly durable in comparison to the various alternatives
  • Chemical plants surfaces due to their excellent chemical resistance
  • Water treatment facilities primarily due to their low-odor qualities as well as their other advantages
  • Breweries and pub cellar floors due to their hygienic qualities coupled with low cost
  • Engineering shops, steel work facilities, for their many advantages compared to possible alternatives.
  • Electro plate workshops due to the wide array of advantages they bring
  • Machine shops and mechanical garages as a result of high-durability and non-slip qualities

Advantages of Cementitious pump screeds.

  • Cementitious pump screeds are generally of much higher quality and consistency, the screed mixture mixes more uniformly, distributing the cement and additives more evenly through the sand.
  • Because cementitious screed pumps can be efficiently mixed in larger volumes,  and in a relatively short time, it is ideal for screeding large areas.
  • Cementitious pump screeds are suitable for complicated construction sites and buildings with problematic access where it is difficult to carry materials manually.
  • Keeps dust and dirt to the minimum.

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